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Response to the move to the Covid 19 – Protection Framework (traffic lights)  RED

At EchoNorth we are committed to providing the best care we can in these challenging circumstances.

All patients referred to us will be scanned regardless of vaccination status.

Due to the extended time that we spend in close contact with our patients and to ensure the safety of our staff and our more vulnerable patients, many of whom are pregnant, immunocompromised or elderly we will operate with the following restrictions in place.

  • If you or anyone you are in contact with feels unwell, please do not attend your appointment. Contact us and we will reschedule.
  • We would prefer that patients only attend their appointments, however one fully vaccinated adult support person is permitted to attend. Photo ID and vaccine certificate will need to be sighted. No mask exemptions for support people.
  • Strictly no children or babies on site unless they are the patient.
  • We require both you and your support person to scan in on arrival, sanitise your hands and wear a properly fitting mask at all times when in the building. If you are the patient and have a mask exemption, (signed by an appropriate medical professional), please contact us before your appointment.
  • If you need to have a drink we would ask you to do so outside, so that your mask can be removed safely.
  • Some patients may choose to wait in their cars or on the deck behind the building if they feel safer being in the fresh air and more socially distanced. 
  • The examination will be conducted in the shortest possible time to enable us to obtain all the relevant information whilst limiting our close contact.
  • No video or face timing permitted. If you are attending for a 12 or 20 week obstetric scan, you will be sent images electronically.
  • Payment by pay wave or eftpos is preferable.
  • These policies are under constant review and may change.

Thank you for the continued support and patience during this difficult time.


Here are a few measures we have taken to ensure out patients and staff stay safe and protected during this time;

  • We are ensuring that we follow all New Zealand Ministry of Health guidelines and procedures.
  • All of our ultrasound probes are cleaned with high grade germicidal cleaner after every scan, and sonographers are washing and sanitizing their hands after every patient.
  • High grade germicidal cleaners are used to wipe down door handles, toilet flusher and eftpos machines regularly throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in every room and in reception on arrival if required.

For further information please visit the link below to the New Zealand Ministry of Health website;

EchoNorth – your local Ultrasound Professionals

We are a locally owned and operated close knit, friendly group of dedicated professionals. From the pleasant voice on the phone, to the welcoming smile as you walk in, we aim to make you feel comfortable and at ease during your examination.

Because ultrasound examinations are highly dependent on the skill of the operator, our sonographers and radiologists have extensive ultrasound training and a commitment to continuing medical education in this area.

We have also made it our obligation to only use top of the line equipment.

Varicose Vein Treatment

Beginning early 2018, EchoNorth’s lead sonographer Angela Browne will be part of a specialised team. This includes Mr Carl Muthu, Dr Jill Gibson and Dr Joanna Romanowska and provides a comprehensive vein treatment service covering surgical treatment, Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), vein glue treatment, Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS), Cosmetic vein treatment, management of complex vein issues and post thrombotic syndrome.

Find out more about Varicose Vein Treatment

New Services Available – SIS and HyCoSy Procedures

From July 2018, EchoNorth has added two new services to our growing list of ultrasounds on offer. SIS and HyCoSy procedures are now offered at EchoNorth, which previously were only available privately in Auckland. These procedures, used for Fertility Treatment and in Women’s Health, are performed in conjunction with one of our Sonographers, and Dr Kristy Wolff, consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injections now available at EchoNorth

EchoNorth are very happy to announce that we are now offering two clinics per month, administering ultrasound guided steroid injections to those referred to us by their health professional. Find out more about this new service here.

Affiliated Providers for Southern Cross Healthcare

For members of Southern Cross Healthcare, the examination can be even more painless. Just provide us with your membership number when booking your appointment, and we can gain prior approval for your examination.

Depending on your type of policy, you may only be required to pay a small percentage of our fee, or nothing at all.

PACSBridge – a new way of receiving and sharing your maternity scan images

Now when you come to EchoNorth for your maternity scanning, a link will be sent to your phone with the images from your scan attached (12 weeks onward). These images can then be downloaded, emailed, or shared on social media with your friends and family.


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