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An ultrasound scan can be used for many things:

  1. To check your baby’s size. At the dating scan, this gives a better idea of how many weeks pregnant you are. Your due date will be adjusted if necessary according to the ultrasound measurements.
  2. To check whether you’re having more than one baby.
  3. To detect most structural abnormalities.
  4. To show the position of your baby and the placenta. For example, a scan may be suggested if the baby is in a breech position later in pregnancy or to check the placenta if it is thought to be low in the uterus at the 20 week scan.
  5. To check that the baby is growing normally (this is particularly important if you’re carrying twins or you have had problems in this pregnancy or a previous pregnancy)

You may be asked to have a full bladder for some of your scans this is because it pushes your womb up and creates a better window for us to see your baby through and this gives a better picture.

You then lie on your back and some lubricating gel is put on your abdomen. A small device is then passed backwards and forwards over your skin, and high-frequency sound is beamed through your abdomen into the womb. The sound is reflected back and creates a picture, which is shown on a TV screen.

We will show you the scan pictures and explain what we can see on the image.

We are always happy for you to bring maximum TWO adult support people with you to the scan but we do ask you do not bring small children with you.  This is because we do need to concentrate when we are doing the scan to ensure we do the best for you and your baby. Having lots of people, noise and restless children can be distracting not only for the sonographer but for you too. Unfortunately sometimes the scan will show problems and discussing these can be very difficult and distressing and may not be appropriate with lots of friends/ children present.